The Candlegasm Company

2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer

Release your favorite fragrance in this stylish candle or wax melt warmer. The candle warmer and dish style accommodates both melts and candles. Simply remove the dish and place a candle in a heat safe container on the heated surface to release fragrance.
If you prefer to use wax melts or tarts with this warmer, use the dish to hold the wax pieces over the heated pad. They are a great way to enjoy fragrance without smoke or soot from burning candle wicks and provide a flameless fragrance solution.
How To Use:
  • Place the warmer on a heat resistant surface.
  • Put scented wax melt cubes or tarts in the warming dish or remove the dish and place your candle on the warming plate.
  • Plug in to release the fragrance.
  • Always exercise caution with warmers, keep out of reach of children and pets. Only put objects on the warmer that are heat resistant. 

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