Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between soy and paraffin wax?

A: Soy wax has numerous health and environmental benefits. It is a natural wax option, unlike paraffin wax that may contain toxins. It contains no petrol-soot that will blacken walls or ceilings, has a longer lasting burn and is derived from a renewable resource of soy beans.  

Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product. It is refined gasoline. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, paraffin wax is harmful when burned and contains toxins – two that are considered above the excess cancer risk with multiple exposures. This is why we use a 100% soy wax formulation for Candlegasm candles.


Q: What types of wicks do you use?

A: Most wicks in candles contains metal in the core, namely zinc or tin. When these wicks are burned the metal inside is actually burning, emitting harmful toxins into the air. In Candlegasm candles you will find 100% cotton core wicks!


Q: You say your fragrances are pure, what are they made out of?

A: Most commercially manufactured fragrances are formulated in a petroleum oil base, which has toxic properties when burned, and it also takes away from the purity and potency of the fragrance. In Candlegasm candles we use pure, synthetic/phthalate-free fragrances that are blends of isolates that are extracted through the same processes that are used to get essential oils. 


Q: Why is it important to trim the wicks?

A: Trimming your wicks is very important. Doing this will keep the candle burning without any black soot and it will give your candle a longer burn time.

Here is what happens when you do not trim the wicks properly. When a wick gets too long it cannot draw wax all the way up to the top of the wick. Therefore, the wick itself will start to burn. Even with Candlegasms 100% cotton wicks and petro-soot free Soy Wax, you will see some soot if your wicks start burning themselves.

Wicks should be trimmed to a 1/4 inch every time before you light your candle. You can use a scissors, nail clipper, or candle wick cutters.  


Q: What are your candles made of?

A: Every Candlegasm candle is made with wax from natural, domestically grown soy beans, a blend of pure, phthalate free, non-toxic  fragrance oils, and a natural cotton wick for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn.


Q: What is your company’s guarantee?

A: Safety: We guarantee that our candles are not made with harmful or banned chemicals. Our fragrances are pure and safe for your home, office, children and pets.  

Quality Ingredients: Our scented candles are proudly made by people you can trust with ingredients you can trust!


Q: I noticed something weird looking, like frosting in my jar, what is that?

A: Soy candles are known to create a crystal layer called "frost". This does not mean that your candle is low quality; it actually confirms that your candle is made from pure soy wax. If you notice this frost, don't worry! It doesn't affect your candle negatively in any way.


Q: Can I return or exchange my candles?

A: We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase but unfortunately at this time we do not accept returns of our products. Please reach out to us for recommendations based on what you may be looking for and we will be happy to assist you in picking the perfect fragrance.


Q: My candles arrived damaged, what do I do?

A: If we made a mistake or your items arrived damaged, we sincerely apologize and will take care of that for you. Please email with your order number, details and picture of the damaged or defective candle and we will replace it for you, on us!


Additional questions?

Just ask! Call (888) 995-3118 or email us at And if you have suggestions, testimonials to share, we’d love to hear them.