A Message From The Owner

Hey there! Thanks for browsing our site. The Candlegasm® Company is a heartfelt company with our customers, their health, self-care and fragrant pleasure in mind. I believe everyone should experience an affordable luxury candle in their lifetime, which is one of the reasons why I created Candlegasm®. Every blend and mix contains top ingredients, the purest fine fragrances and cotton wicks. I love that our candles afford quality to our consumers while rendering health benefits as an alternative to paraffin wax candles, which releases cancer-causing chemicals and toxins when burned. It is my promise to all present and future customers to keep our quality pure and to only deliver excellence in our products and service. I am especially excited about my signature line, the Natasha J. collection that features my own custom fragrance formula that is mixed with and compliments very popular scents. Be sure to try one, I know you'll love them. I hope you enjoy your Candlegasm®.

-Natasha J


About Us:

The Candlegasm® Company, LLC is a Texas based candle company owned and operated by Natasha Johnson. As a candle lover the thought of starting her own candle company was initiated in 2017 and the unique name of Candlegasm® landed on top of that thought. After much research into the candle making business and process, it wasn’t until two years later in Sepetmber 2019 that Candlegasm® successfully launched in the presence of family and friends before going public in October. The feedback was not only wonderful but the anticipation from followers and requests for more from family and friends have not ceased to grow. It is now with great pleasure that we have hundreds of followers eager to have a Candlegasm® experience. Though it is a new company our candles are not novice at all.  Launching with 5 collections, AromaCareapy, Romance, Boardroom, Forever Girlfriends, and the N.J. Signature Collection we are sure that everyone can find a fragrance or multiple ones that they will love. The Candlegasm® Company is focused on fragrances to remember, that when lit they instantly take you to a place of positivity, relaxation and an energizing state. Not only do we aspire to make a quality candle, but we want it to be something aesthetically appealing for your home, office, or wherever you prefer to burn your candle. So what is a Candlegasm®? It is the satisfying feeling from experiencing our candles.


Why Candlegasm®?

At The Candlegasm® Company we love candles and all things natural, which is why our candles are made with a blend of soy waxes, pure fragrance oils and cotton wicks that are free of lead and zinc.  Each candle is crafted and hand poured with our customer’s pleasure in mind. Within our collections we are sure you will find a scent to experience a Candlegasm®.

CANDLEGASM® officially received its Registered Trademark in April of 2020.