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Cigars and Cognac


Our Best Selling Fragrance.

Sit back and chill with this fragrance that is laced with fresh citrus, woodsy notes of vetiver all sitting on base notes of its stellar fragrance, tobacco.


  • If you love the smell of a good cigar this candle is for you.
  • Hand poured in the US using soy wax with premium fragrance oils.
  • Our soy candle wax is not colored for a cleaner burn.
  • Available in 6oz Minigasm, 11oz Jar, 18oz Jar or 6ct Wax Melts. 
  • Comes with black metal lid.
  • Depending on size and customer's care, this candle will burn between 40-80 hrs.
  • Always trim your wicks before relighting your candle to help it last longer.

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